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Dr. Deepak Sharan

Chronic pain
need not be

So why let it permanently dictate the way you live your life?


Hear it from Dr. Deepak Sharan

Revolutionising the way people deal with chronic pain

Dr. Deepak Sharan believes that no two patients with RSI or chronic pain have the same condition and are unlikely to respond to the same treatment.

Successful recovery requires precision medicine based on individual phenotype & endotype and systematic, personalised, comprehensive biopsychosocial rehabilitation based on epigenetic, occupational & lifestyle risk factors and addressing comorbidities.

His approach has enabled over 1000000 patients from 45 countries to reclaim their lives and careers where some patients have remained pain-free for over 20 years despite being disabled due to intractable and agonising pain for a long time.

Locate your pain

Select the zone where you are in most pain and see if the conditions treated are what you’re looking for

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“Dr Sharan has
emerged as a
cult figure in the
World of RSI”

– The Wall Street Journal
“Perhaps more than anyone, Dr Sharan knows the toll work in IT takes on a body. Of the 30,000 workers he's surveyed, 75% suffer from some physical ailment because of their work.”
- ABC News, USA
“Despite the symptoms being well documented, Dr Sharan's study reveals that 65 per cent of the incidents of RSI were wrongly diagnosed as spondylitis, arthritis or slipped disc.”
– India Today

Worldwide Publications

Over 500 International scientific publications or conference presentations, including the World’s most extensive and highly cited studies in Office and Industrial Ergonomics, Healthcare Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics, WRMSD, Pain, and Cerebral Palsy.

Corporate Clients

Ergonomics and Occupational Health Consultant to over 70 Fortune 500 and other prominent companies.

Awards & Achievements

Winner of over 25 Awards and Research Grants, including the National Disability Award and the World’s highest Research Awards in Orthopaedics and Paediatric Orthopedics.

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