Paediatric Orthopaedics

  1. Acromegaly. Reducing Diagnostic Delays for Improved Treatment and Outcomes, Medscape, USA, 0.5 credit hours (February 21, 2021).
  2. Achondroplasia: Your Guide to Assessment, Management, and Coordination of Care, Medscape, USA, 1 Credit Hour (Dec 07, 2020).
  3. Salvaging a Mangled Extremity (SAME): The Emergency Management Protocol, SICOT, Belgium (September 5, 2020).
  4. Indian Foot and Ankle Society Advanced Foot and Ankle Meeting. Modules on Failed Flatfoot Reconstruction, Minimally Invasive Surgery in Foot and Ankle, Deformities in Foot and Ankle, Forefoot Orthopaedics (August 29-30, 2020).
  5. National Conference of Indian Foot and Ankle Society (IFASCON 2019), New Delhi, India, including Foot and Ankle Cadaver Workshop by Dr. Michael Coughlin, USA (August 29-September 1, 2019).
  6. Osteotomies Around the Paediatric and Adolescent Hip. Cadaver Course, Bombay Orthopaedic Society in Mumbai, India (January 14-15, 2017).
  7. Optimal Management of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Medscape, USA, 1 Credit Hour (March 31, 2017).
  8. Symposium on foot and ankle, by members of the foot and ankle society of United Kingdom, 40th Karnataka State Annual Conference (KOACON 2016), Bengaluru, India (February 5-7, 2016).
  9. Treatment Methods for Patellar Malalignment Issues, Institute for Continuing Medical Education and VuMedi, USA, 2 Credit Hours (August 25, 2015).
  10. Ganga Operative Pediatric Hip Course 2014 at Coimbatore, India. 12 Live Surgical Demonstrations. Faculty: Dr Harish Hosalkar, USA, Dr Prasad V Gourineni, USA, Dr Kai Ziebarth, Switzerland, and National Faculty. (December 5-7, 2014).
  11. Instructional Courses on Paediatric Hip; Paediatric Foot; Management of Bone Infection and Non Union at 34th SICOT Orthopaedic World Conference, Hyderabad, India (October 17-19, 2013).
  12. Attended the Pallakad Deformity Course, modelled on the Baltimore Deformity Course run by Prof Dror Paley. Trainers: Dr Mangal Parihar, Dr PN Vasudevan, Dr Cherian Kovoor (August 29-30, 2011).
  13. Attended Workshop on Child’s Foot at 12th National Conference of Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India, at Ranchi, India (Feb 10-12, 2006).
  14. Attended hands-on workshop on “Ilizarov and Orthofix” during IOACON’2002 (Faculty: Prof. Dror Paley and Indian Faculty) at Patna (November 12-13, 2002).
  15. Clinical Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics (February to April, 2001):
    1. Dr. M Mark Hoffer (Brachial Plexus, Cerebral Palsy), Orthopaedic Hospital (, Los Angeles, USA
    2. Dr. Dennis R Wenger (Paediatric Hip), Dr. Scott Mubarak, Dr. Henry G Chambers and Dr. David Sutherland (Cerebral Palsy), Children’s Hospital (, San Diego, USA
    3. Dr. Lawrence A Rinsky, and Dr. Todd Lincoln, Lucille Salter Packard Children’s Hospital (, Stanford, USA
    4. Dr. Amit Gupta (Paediatric Upper Extremity), Christine M. Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery ( Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  16. Trained in the use of Orthofix External Fixator and Limb Reconstruction System with Prof. Mike Saleh at the University of Sheffield, UK (1996).
  17. Advanced training in the use of Joshi External Stabilization System, devised for club foot, upper limb injuries and contractures of small joints, burns contractures, deformity correction, and lengthening of small bones, with its developer Dr. BB Joshi for 2 weeks at Mumbai (1999). I have assisted him in over 50 operations, performed 5 under his direct supervision, attended 2 advanced hands-on workshops, and am a qualified trainer. I have used this system extensively and independently for over 23 years.
  18. Specialist Registrar Level Training in Paediatric Orthopaedics with Mr. A Moulton at Mansfield, UK (18 months). I attended special multidisciplinary clinics in Cerebral Palsy (supported by a Gait Lab at the University Hospital, Nottingham), DDH and other Paediatric Orthopaedic disorders.
  19. Junior Resident level training in Paediatric Orthopaedics with Prof. DK Patro at JIPMER, Pondicherry, India (3 years). I conducted special weekly multidisciplinary clinics in Clubfoot, Post Polio Residual Paralysis and Bone Tumours.