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Chronic pain isn't just a symptom; it's a condition that can be managed and alleviated.


Chronic pain, a complex and often misunderstood ailment, can stem from various sources ranging from injury to long-term illnesses. It is a personal, often isolating experience that affects every aspect of one's life. Some people tend to suffer chronic pain even in the absence of past injury or evidence of bodily damage.

Dr Sharan has over 35 years of experience

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain's symptoms range from continuous dull aches to acute, sharp pains, often persisting beyond expected healing periods. Key signs include:

  • Persistent pain that is often described as shooting, burning, or aching
  • A feeling of discomfort, soreness, or stiffness that doesn't fade
  • Fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood fluctuations

Understanding that these symptoms are not just physical but deeply intertwined with one's psychological state is crucial in addressing chronic pain effectively.

Risk Factors

Chronic pain can arise from a myriad of factors:

  • Aging or past injuries
  • Certain chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes
  • Lifestyle factors, including poor posture or lack of physical activity
  • Genetic predisposition

Identifying and understanding these factors are the first steps in Dr. Sharan's comprehensive approach to pain management.

Taking Action Against Chronic Pain

Dr. Sharan employs a unique diagnostic process tailored to the individual's specific pain profile. This includes a thorough medical examination and may involve advanced diagnostic tests to understand the underlying causes of pain. His method goes beyond traditional diagnostics, considering epigenetic, occupational, and lifestyle risk factors.

Discussing mood influence and pain coping history can inform customized treatment plans.

Your Journey Away From Pain

Dr. Deepak Sharan's innovative approach to pain management has helped over a million patients across 45 countries. His personalized and comprehensive rehabilitation techniques have achieved significant success, enabling many to enjoy prolonged pain-free lives.

Whether you're facing persistent pain or discomfort, take the step towards recovery.